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Popul8 360 Digital Reality

An agile visual collaboration platform that lets your team communicate clearly without co-location, access site knowledge the moment you need it, plan and design without limitation and connect visual data layer to other asset management applications.

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Simple to navigate, secure virtual access…anytime, anywhere

Popul8 360 digital reality enables your vision for tomorrow, today!

  • Navigate sites with the click of a mouse like you are used to in street-view, no special training required
  • Secure access to remote sites without the hassle of time consuming & costly travel
  • Safely visualize remote or hazardous sites without the risk of going to site

Maps and Floor Plans

360 images geo-locate on integrated maps.
Upload floor plans for internal mapping
Navigation between maps, floorplans, and 360 images

From design to maintenance

Life Cycle Visualization of Your Critical Assets


Lower your total cost of ownership & increase profitability through visual communications


Increase your competitiveness with visual integration between you and your supply chain


Drive safety, resilience, job succession and transparency practices by using visual tools


Grow your business by embedding visual support and information to your products and services

Simple 4 Step Process

Create 360 Digital Reality in Minutes With Popul8

Step 1: Capture

Use your own 360 camera or rent our one touch camera allowing complete 360 images to be captured in 1-2 minutes

Step 2: Upload Files

Simply follow the instructions and checklist to upload project files to the Popul8 project server

Step 3: Edit & Compile

You can edit and compile your own tour or pay our team to do it for you

Step 4: Hosting

We have a number of hosting plans dependent on your application needs

Typical Applications for
Popul8 360 Reality

Completely synergize scalable e-commerce rather than high standards in e-services.

Architects & Designers

Retrofit planning, design, tendering & virtual site visits

Operations and Maintenance

Micro-learning, orientation, service & support

Engineering, Procurement & Construction

Project management, visual as-built records, inspection & compliance

Consultants, Advisors & Inspectors

Feasibility studies, due diligence, inspections, tendering and procurement

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