Current Situation

Industrial companies are facing new challenges with imperatives of operational cost reduction while ensuring safety & continuity of aging infrastructure & workforce.

Going to site to understand complex systems has been the norm but is not sustainable.

Companies are looking for technology to communicate complex information and solutions that easily integrate with other platforms to implement the future of work.

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Popul8 360 Digital Twin

An agile visual collaboration platform that lets your team communicate clearly without co-location, access site knowledge the moment you need it, plan and design without limitation and connect visual data layer to other asset management applications.

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Simple to navigate, secure virtual access…anytime, anywhere

Popul8 360 digital reality enables your vision for tomorrow, today!

  • Navigate sites with the click of a mouse like you are used to in street-view, no special training required
  • Secure access to remote sites without the hassle of time consuming & costly travel
  • Safely visualize remote or hazardous sites without the risk of going to site
Information Integration

Re-invent the Way You Work

New technologies let you visualize remote sites and connect to multiple sources of information from your desktop or mobile device.
Going to site virtually saves time, money and ensures safety and quality solutions to complex problems.

Future of Work

We believe that technology should be designed to serve people, rather than the opposite. Popul8 provides a path for companies to transform their business well into the future. Since people are visual, it makes sense to start by using platforms that can virtually take your team to site when it is not physically possible.

Once teams get used to working remotely then we can help you augment the way your team integrates visual tools with your other collaboration platforms.

Our vision for the future is to add virtual assistance to process sources of information to better assist your team to operate and maintain assets.

Bringing Worksites to Your Team. Virtually on Demand.


Remove the risk of injury due to hazardous worksite visits


Drive resilience, job succession, and transparency practices by using visual tools

Time & Money

Lower your total cost of ownership & increase profitability through visual communications


Communicate clearly without co-location and find real-time solutions to real-time problems


Enhance your business by embedding visual support and information to your products and services

Why Popul8?

Digitization of industrial space is a key investment for companies to take full advantage of future intelligent technologies.

We strive to be the leading company in agile, mobile, intelligent visual asset management.

We believe you should be able to create content and share it with your team almost instantly.

Popul8’s competitive advantage is we can deliver full-scale projects now at a fraction of the time and cost of other technologies.

We are ready to help you with the COVID-19 recovery today and your digital transformation challenges of tomorrow.

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