Simple 4 Step Process

Create 360 Digital Twins in Minutes With Popul8

Step 1: Capture

Use your own 360 camera or rent our one touch camera allowing complete 360 images to be captured in 1-2 minutes

Step 2: Upload Files

Simply follow the instructions and checklist to upload project files to the Popul8 project serve

Step 3: Edit & Compile

You can edit and compile your own tour or pay our team to do it for you

Step 4: Hosting

We have a number of hosting plans dependent on your application needs

What is a 360 Digital Twin?

360 Digital Twin is a virtual copy of a worksite, which acts as a bridge between the physical and digital world by using real-time data.

360 Digital Twins can be integrated with other mixed reality technologies such as Live Streaming Video, VR, AR, 3D Design and Real Time Data Modeling to map industrial space.

It is where today meets tomorrow to enhance manufacturing and design process while ensuring safety.

Why are 360 Digital Twins Important?

360 Digital Twins provide companies a flexible and cost-effective way to produce business solutions. It improves collaboration by enabling teams to communicate in real-time anytime, anywhere.

360 Digital Twins also reduce errors and risks by presenting virtual copies of worksites. Virtual site visits provide efficient monitoring and accurate expectations.

Lastly, digital infrastructures create value by providing historical data such as videos, design, image, text and embedded links.

360 digital twin of a worksite

Digital Twins and the Future of Work

The rise of digital twins coincides with the rise of IoT and according to Gartner the number of companies using digital twins will triple by 2022.

Digital twins offer agile and simple intelligent solutions to map the industrial world. The future of work will be a convergence of Mixed Reality technologies which are Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, 360 Digital Twin, 3D Design and Live Streaming Video.

Popul8 is a company aiming to help businesses reinvent the way they work by implementing the technologies mentioned above. We are at the midpoint where today meets tomorrow and if you want to be part of the future join our journey.

360 Canvas

360 files uploaded to project folder
Drag and drop 360 files on maps and floorplans
Spin, zoom, and move within 360 images

Canvas Screenshot

Information Integration

Annotate points of interest on 360 images
Attach files such as still pics, pdf files or links to other information
Integrate with sources of asset data such as real-time IoT, video streaming
Add navigation points to open and close panel doors

Information Integration

Maps and Floor Plans

360 images geo-locate on integrated maps.
Upload floor plans for internal mapping
Navigation between maps, floorplans, and 360 images

What we are offering?

  • Geolocation
  • Asset tagging and annotation
  • Hotspots to data, files, and videos
  • View with any browser
  • Zoom and navigate

  • Easy to use upload and editing tools
  • Cloud hosted access anytime, anywhere
  • Secure user controls
  • Supports multiple 360 camera content
  • Panoramic Map

Customer Testimonials

We are using Popul8 360 digital reality to quickly plan maintenance and construction projects on campus, saving us time, money and increasing the safety of our workers by not having to enter hazardous space to complete a planning site audit 

-Richard Hugley, UBC Utilities Operations & Maintenance Supervisor.

“With COVID-19, Popul8 has become part of the new way we do our job!”

-Franco Tortora, Maintenance Team Leader at Vancity Credit Union. 

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