About Us

Popul8 helps teams to visualize worksites safely, communicate effectively, and reinvent the way you operate your business by going to worksites virtually on demand.

How we got started

As we were working on projects remotely and collaborating with many different teams, we often found ourselves unable to visualize spaces. We found that blueprints were complex and as-built documentation was often incomplete or missing.

Photographs were a great way of sharing spaces, but were often taken at the wrong angles, or in the wrong direction. Like many other organizations, we had thumb drives full of images, but nothing coherent and unified.

Thus Popul8 was born. A simple to use platform for visualizing spaces when working remotely and sharing information with team members.

Our Vision

Popul8 aims to build immersive and intelligent technologies to map the industrial world. Our goal is to enable workers to solve complex problems by communicating visual information and facilitating remote and real-time collaboration.

Why Now?

In order to safely restart businesses, Popul8 applications help address social distancing and travel restrictions by enabling remote team collaboration for planning, audits, procurement, training, and support.

What we strive to accomplish

Make work safer by removing the risk associated with physical site visits
Make communication and collaboration easier through visual means
Make businesses more resilient, more continuous

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